Meet Blaine

Born: February 9, 2008
Birthplace: Santa Rosa, CA
Racing Since: 2012

Blaine was introduced to racing as soon as he was born; he spent most weekends at the race track watching his father race. At the early age of 4 Blaine decided he was ready to start his own racing career and there it began. He has spent most every weekend from then on at a dirt track in California or elsewhere in the U.S.


Blaine started out in the beginner divisions and quickly worked into a 250cc kart with good success the first year. He was able to win a rookie of the year award along with several main event wins over the next 2 years. Blaine was really beginning to hit his stride in the 250 division and tragedy struck. He was involved in a “freak” accident at a track in central California, his right arm was nearly torn off and he would spend the next 4 weeks in intensive care at Stanford Medical Facility. After a series of intense and lengthy surgeries his arm would be reconstructed and he was release to go home and start the lengthy road of recovery. That recovery wouldn’t come easy as more surgeries would be needed and countless hours of rehab, medical attention and hard work were the makeup of the next 8 months

Exactly 9 months to the date of his injury he was able to climb back into his kart at the same facility where he was hurt. He has resumed his racing career right where it left off and the desire to win races now is more than ever before. He will turn his main focus to Micro Sprint racing in 2018, racing all across California with a number of out of state trips on the schedule as well. His road back to racing has been an amazing story in itself.


Blaine spends his nights after school training in Traditional Muay Thai, this is also a passion for Blaine and a great form of conditioning to stay physically and mentally sharp for racing.


Special Awards
2015 & 2016 Rookie of the year
Youngest 250 outlaw kart winner at age 7


Kart Highlights
7 main event wins in 2016
19 Heat Race Wins 2016
8 Trophy Dash Wins 2016


Micro Sprint Highlights
1 race 1 win