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Welcome to Blane Baxter Racing

Blaine Baxter is a 2nd generation dirt track racer that cut his teeth on the outlaw kart tracks in California. Check this site often to stay up to date with his latest schedule, performance and new apparel. If you are interested in becoming part of the team please send email to


Blaine was introduced to racing as soon as he was born; he spent most weekends at the race track watching his father race. At the early age of 4 Blaine decided he was ready to start his own racing career and there it began. He would spend most every weekend from then on at an outlaw kart track somewhere in California and sometimes elsewhere in the U.S.


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The Story of Survival Flight 14

2019 is dedicated to Survival Flight 14. Jennifer Topper died when the helicopter she was piloting crashed in Ohio during adverse weather conditions. The 34-year-old medical transport pilot was flying to pick up a patient during a snow storm when the helicopter went down, killing her and two crew members. Topper was a first-cousin to Dustin Baxter and close to the entire Baxter Family.